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How to Create a Navigation Bar in CSS

in Web Page Design

What better way to finish up your website header than with a navigation bar! If you’d rather not create the nav bar with an image editor, CSS can help you do the job pretty quickly. Simply follow along or copy … Continue reading

How to Make Images with Rounded Corners in Fireworks CS5

in Web Page Design

There are a number of options available for creating an image with rounded corners for web pages. You can use cascading style sheets to apply the corners (works in browsers that support this feature) or apply the rounded corners directly … Continue reading

How to Create a Roster from a Mail Merge

in Create Documents

Staff, volunteer and school rosters are ever-changing. Members leave/join a group and change their contact information on an ongoing basis. An efficient way to create and maintain these updates is with a database. Not only does a database save tons … Continue reading

How to Create a Torn Paper Background for a Web Page in Photoshop

in Web Page Design

Ever want to change your traditional web page background to a custom one? How about a paper texture with torn edges? It’s a great option if you’re sharing a letter or note with readers on your web page.

How to Format a Blind Cover Letter in Documents

in Create Documents, Format Documents

A lot of companies don’t include the hiring manager’s name in a job post. This is especially true for newspaper and online ads, making it difficult to send the cover letter. A blind cover letter is sent when a hiring … Continue reading

How to Enable WhoisGuard for Domain Names at NameCheap

in Web Page Design

WhoisGuard protects your domain privacy. It’s a must-have if you don’t want people to have the address, email and phone number associated with your domain. Without it, anyone can look up your information, making you the target for spam, junk … Continue reading

How to Create a Puzzle from a Photo in Microsoft Word

in Create Documents

Microsoft Word is mostly used to create office documents, but you can use it for school and craft projects too. Making a jigsaw allows you to customize it exactly the way you want for a brainteaser, game or party. You … Continue reading