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How to Create a Collage Template in Photoshop

in Create Documents, Web Page Design

You can create a collage for anything from photos and stamps to leaves and seashells. Your collage doesn’t even have to feature the same types of objects. You can use it to tell a story about yourself and include important … Continue reading

How to Enable WhoisGuard for Domain Names at NameCheap

in Web Page Design

WhoisGuard protects your domain privacy. It’s a must-have if you don’t want people to have the address, email and phone number associated with your domain. Without it, anyone can look up your information, making you the target for spam, junk … Continue reading

CSS Font Style

in Web Page Design

CSS is the abbreviation for cascading style sheets. It’s used to format web pages and make them more consistent. There are several elements to CSS. Font style defines the appearance of text – normal, italicized or oblique. The default font … Continue reading

How to Create a Free Website Header in Photoshop

in Web Page Design

Your page header says a lot about your website and who you are. Since it resides at the top of your page, it’s one of the first things people see. As far as sizes go, there are many to choose … Continue reading

How to Fix a Broken Link on a Web Page

in Web Page Design

Web page links are ever-changing, making it difficult to keep up with links that have either changed or no longer exist. This is, unfortunately, the leading cause for many broken links on websites.

How to Use Web Templates

in Web Page Design

A web template is used as a layout for websites. It often includes the header, footer and body of a web page as well as dummy text and images. There are different types of Web templates. A few include HTML, … Continue reading

How to Create a Gradient in Photoshop for Your Web Page

in Web Page Design

Sometimes, a simple solid background just won’t do. Maybe you want to spice things up a bit and add more color. A gradient background can help. It lets you transition between two or more colors. Creating one in Photoshop only … Continue reading