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Hi! My name is Allyson Stewart and I’d like to welcome you here. I’ve worked as a web designer in the corporate world and with office software for over 10 years, while juggling other projects.

The Dollar Templates and Fonts blog was started to give web designers, business owners, office personnel, and every one in between tips and affordable web/business solutions.

In the corporate world, I saw a need for additional software training for employees. When companies downsize, employees are often placed in other positions to fill the gap. With already so much to do, most don’t have time to learn new software and are afraid of losing their current job. My goal is to arm you with the tools you need to do your job and do it more efficiently.

One of the things I struggled with as a new web designer was finding a good and dependable hosting provider. So, I’ve created an area that includes my favorite web hosts. These are hosts that I’ve either used in the past or still use today. This section is not only important for newbies, but for business owners, web designers and developers as well.

If you’ve had a good or bad experience with a web hosting provider, please share it there. I hope the reviews come in handy as you make an informed decision in choosing a reliable web host.

The Recommended Resources section includes my top picks to get you started with your website. You’ll find tools that will help you find the right niche, create your website and maintain it.

This blog also includes information on Creating Documents. If you need ideas on customizing a brochure, an invitation or other types of documents, please check it out. Visit the Format Documents section for help formatting different types of office documents, or the Web Page Design section for animation, image and other web page tutorials. I will steadily add new content to these pages, so please check back for updates often or subscribe to my blog.

Thank you for visiting with me and for sharing your reviews, comments and ideas.

Happy blogging!

Allyson Stewart

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