How to Insert Total Number of Pages in Word 2013

Okay, so you have a huge report that needs to have, not just a page number, but the total number of pages. While you could insert this number manually, that could become laborious – forcing you to update the number each time you add or remove a page.

Thankfully, there’s a better way. You can utilize Word’s built-in functionality to accomplish this task.

You can insert the total number of pages by making use of the header/footer options in Word 2013, or by using the NumPages field.

The header/footer option is handy if you wish to include a header or footer and/or make use of a formatted page number. The NumPages field is handy if you want to display the total number of pages in a specific area of the page.

You can also use the Page Number option (located in the Header/Footer group) to add the number to the header/footer or to a specific area of the page, so this option is versatile.

This tutorial covers all of the above.


Using the Header/Footer and/or Page Number Option to Insert Total Number of Pages

Step 1. Open the Word document where the number will be applied.

Step 2. Select the “Insert” tab and go to the Header & Footer group.

Step 3. Select “Header,” “Footer” or “Page Number.”

If you chose the “Page Number” option, you will need to specify where you want the number inserted: Top of Page, Bottom of Page, Page Margins, or Current Position.

Step 4. Scroll through the list of options and pick a style that includes the total number of pages you wish to use, such as Page 1 of 1. The number will be applied to your document.

Insert total number of pages in Word 2013

Using Word’s NumPages Field to Insert Total Number of Pages

Step 1. Place your cursor where you want the number inserted in your Word document.

Step 2. Select the “Insert” tab.

Step 3. Select “Quick Parts” and “Field” from the Text group. The Field dialog box will open.

Insert field to apply total number of pages to Word 2013 document

Step 4. Set the Categories selection in the drop-down list to either All or Document Information.

Step 5. Select “NumPages” from the Field names list.

Step 6. Go to the Format section and choose how you want the number formatted (optional).

Use NumPage to Insert total number of pages in Word 2013

Step 7. Click “OK.” The number will be inserted into your page.

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