Copperplate Font: Elegant Invitations

The use of fonts is a display or testament of creative work. When used correctly, fonts can improve a product’s popularity and identification. The font you use in event or celebration invitations makes an impression on attendees. Therefore, it’s important to select and use the right kind.

Copperplate font is a form of calligraphic writing. To distinguish it from other calligraphic writings, Copperplate font uses a pointed nib rather than a flat nib. It is also referred to as the English round hand. It was used widely during the 19th century. In fact, Copperplate was used for the written/printed body of the United States Declaration of Independence. The name Copperplate was lifted from the practice of using etched copper plates to achieve the font style.

download Copperplate fontOne of the distinct characteristics of this font is its slant. All letters are written with a slant of 55 degrees from the horizontal line. Compared with other calligraphy styles, Copperplate’s thickness is based on the pressure applied while writing.

At first, the Copperplate script appears to be sans serif, when in fact, it has small structural details on the end of its strokes. Letters or symbols that do not have these details are known as sans-serifs. The Copperplate font is considered serif because of the pointed nip at the end of its stroke.

Serif fonts are believed to be more suitable for printed materials. Studies show that serif fonts are more readable in print form. When serif fonts are viewed on-screen, they tend to be more ambiguous, which is why sans-serif is preferred for on-screen use.

Copperplate font is elegant and formal, but not too ornate, making it quite readable. As such, it’s great for wedding invitations, dinner party invitations and scrapbooks. The font is best used alongside elegant photos and images.

Picking the right script or font for elegant invitations should not be taken lightly. Even if you’re using a common font, you should always consider the wording on the invitation. The size of your invitation and its style are also important.

So, before you choose the Copperplate font or any serif or non-serif font, be sure to review different aspects of your publication.

It’s a great option for your next invitation, scrapbook or publication.

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