My Favorite Domain Registrars

Here’s my list of favorite domain registrars. Most web hosting providers also offer domain registration. Although a lot of providers encourage you to purchase your domain name through them, you don’t have to. You can use a separate company for your domain and hosting.

Here are the domain registrars I highly recommend:


GoDaddy is not only popular for their web hosting, but for their domain registration as well. And they do a good job with both.

I highly recommend GoDaddy as a domain seller. I’ve purchased several domains from them in the past, and have been pleased every time.


If you must get a domain, get one from Namecheap. While I can’t recommend their hosting, they have my vote for domain registration. In fact, they rank higher on my list than GoDaddy.

They’ll even throw in domain privacy for free. You can’t beat this since most companies charge for it. Domain privacy protects your name, address and email from the public. This is extremely helpful if you don’t want spammers to spam you to death.

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