My Favorite Web Hosts

Here’s my list of favorite web hosting providers. They include companies I’ve either used in the past or currently use. I’m providing this list in case you’re having problems with your current host or need direction finding a reliable provider.

Choosing a good host can save you time, money and headache. I’ve listed each provider alphabetically rather than by preference.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server hosting plans. I have personally used them for several years now.

Their staff is always very helpful whenever I call. However, I’ve had a few problems reaching their customer service department during peak times from time to time.

Other than that, I don’t have any complaints. A2 Hosting does a great job keeping my website up and running. I don’t see myself switching any time soon.


It’s no secret that GoDaddy has been in business for a long time. In fact, they’ve been selling low cost domains since 1997. Some of their features include 99.9% uptime, 24/7 onsite security, free ad and photo credits, daily backups, website statistics and Google webmaster tools.

I especially like GoDaddy’s web hosting security and Search Engine Visibility. You don’t need to purchase a hosting plan with them to use their marketing tools. Another popular feature that GoDaddy offers is Website Tonight. It helps you create a website with built-in tools. This is helpful if you’re not familiar with HTML. On the other hand, it’s always best to create your own site or hire a designer (just in case you want to change hosting providers later).

I highly recommend GoDaddy as a domain seller. I’m totally pleased with their services. And if you run into any problems, they’re just a phone call or email away.

In Motion Hosting

In Motion Hosting has been in business since 2001. In addition to being a member of the Better Business Bureau, they have also earned several awards.

In Motion Hosting has great customer service. However, it’s sometimes difficult to get a hold of the crew during peak hours. Overall, I haven’t had any issues with this web host.

You can sign up for personal, business, VPS hosting or a dedicated server.


I’ve used IPOWER on and off over the years. While I’m not currently using them for web hosting, their hosting was reliable while I was with them.

You’ll get unlimited disk space and transfer/bandwidth in their pro hosting plan. You’ll also receive one free domain, 2500 email accounts with spam-filtering, a website builder, marketing & promotion tools and plug-ins.

Liquid Web

Liquid Web has been in business since 1997. You can customize your hosting based on your need for emails, databases, blogs, CMS, ecommerce and more.

If you’re tired of dealing with poor customer service, give Liquid Web a try. I’ve been using their hosting plan for one of my sites for about a year now. Their customer service has been excellent and they are quick to answer any questions or concerns.


I’m recommending Namecheap as a domain registrar rather than a web host. They have my vote as far as domain registration is concerned, ranking even higher than GoDaddy on my list.

I’ve never used their hosting plans, so I can’t vouch for that. Unfortunately, I’ve heard some horror stories about their customer service and web hosting.

How About You?

Do you have a web hosting experience you’d like to share? If so, please share it below to help others who may need additional help.

Please note that comments to this post are monitored. If you are a hosting provider or have ulterior motives for sharing, please do not leave a comment as it will be removed.

Thanks for your tips! You are making a difference.

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2 Responses to My Favorite Web Hosts

  1. Brian says:

    Webfusion limits individual downloads to 3mbps. (315KB/sec) I can run five simultaneous downloads at 3mbps for a combined 15mbps, but I cannot expect visitors of my site to use download accelerators.

    I use my Webfusion to host photos and short videos I’ve shot with a pocket camera on various online forums. This host cannot serve up high resolution photos, animated GIFs, or even SD video due to this cap. I asked Webfusion to allow me to upgrade my account and they said that wouldn’t be possible.

    Nowhere on their site do they mention the incredibly caps they place on individual connections. Also, their hosting has terrible latency for US customers since Webfusion’s data center is located in Europe.

    After submitting my request to cancel my hosting subscription, Webfusion took over a week to respond. And when they canceled my subscription, they immediately charged my account for the next month telling me they automatically charge for the next thirty days of service at cancelation.

    I lack the vocabulary to express my distaste for Webfusion.

    • allyson says:

      Hi, Brian

      Thanks so much for your honest review. It’s really helpful for those who might be considering hosting with Webfusion. That’s something I would not have known. I think it’s a great idea to host with a local and reliable company. It’s too bad that Webfusion automatically charged your account even after you cancelled.

      allyson recently posted..How to Create an Invoice in a Word DocumentMy Profile

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