Where to Find Free Image Editors for Your Website

An image editor is vital when you’re creating a website. Whether you’re just adding graphics for the first time or making updates, there comes a time when you’ll need to edit your original image. This may include cropping, resizing, or brightening photos or removing red-eye.Free image editors can help you spice up a web page or document.

Image editors can be quite expensive, but there’s good news. There are some great editors that don’t cost an arm and leg. And some are even free!

Here are a few free online image editors I’ve tried before. They’re in order alphabetically, not by preference.

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is the free online version of Photoshop. Its basic features include crop & rotate, resize, auto correct, exposure, red-eye, touch up and saturation. You can also decorate photos with text, graphics, stickers or frames and add drop-shadow. You’ll need to register to use the editor. To get started with Adobe Photoshop Express Editor, visit http://www.photoshop.com/tools?wf=editor.


FlauntR is a nice tool and requires registration. It can be a little confusing to use at first. You can resize, rotate and crop images and add fonts, effects and stickers to them. Your edited image can be customized for your phone or the social networking site where it’ll be used. To test out this editor, go to http://www.flauntr.com.


FotoFlexer lets you edit images from your computer, the Web or social networking site. You can add effects and text to graphics or decorate, beautify, animate and distort them. The editor’s basic features include auto fix, red eye, crop, copy region, rotate/flip, adjust, contrast and collage. To try FotoFlexer.com, go to http://fotoflexer.com/.


LunaPic is another great online editor. You can animate, crop, scale and add text or other effects to your picture. When done, simply save the image to your computer, email, LunaPic account or other social networking site. To try LunaPic, go to http://lunapic.com/editor/.


Picnik is a free, robust image editor, and you don’t have to register to use it. Its features include auto-fix, rotate, crop, resize, exposure, colors, sharpen, red-eye and zoom. You can add files to the library if you register for an account (which is also free). Picnik offers a premium option as well for only $24.95/year if you’d like to upgrade. To use the editor, go to http://www.picnik.com.


Pixlr is very similar to a paid image editor and is one of my favorites. You can create your very own image on the canvas or edit an existing one. It includes a variety of a tools, layers, history and navigator palette. You can adjust the filter, color levels, tolerance, opacity, canvas/image size and more, all for free! To test out Pixlr, go to http://pixlr.com/editor/.


Splashup includes several tools you would usually find in a paid image editor. You can upload, edit and save graphics from your desktop, website, Splashup/Facebook account or other social networking site. In addition, you can create new images of your own. To get started, visit Splashup at http://www.splashup.com.


Webresizer is a simple, user-friendly online editor. It’s a great option if want to make quick changes to an image. You can crop photos, sharpen them, adjust their brightness, add borders, and convert them into black-and-white. And best of all, no registration is required. Check out Webresizer at http://webresizer.com/.


How about you? Have you tried a free online image editor that isn’t listed above? One that’s especially good for web pages? Please let us know.

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