Create and Process Website Forms the Easy Way

Creating and processing website forms can be a hassle. This is especially true if you’re not a web developer. But there’s great news! You can create website forms online or use a form processing script to process the forms you’ve already designed.

Easy solutions to create and process your website forms.

If you’d prefer to design your own form from scratch, check out How to Create and Validate Forms in Dreamweaver.

Using Scripts to Process Website Forms

Below are some form scripts you can use with a form you’ve designed. You’ll just need to open the form script and search for the section that requests your email. Some scripts let you send the data from your field to multiple email addresses. You can check out the script’s instructions just to be sure.

Form to File is a PHP script with a one-time licensing fee of $25.00. This script emails the form data to SEND TO and CC email addresses. It also creates a CSV data type file. It’s equipped to receive file attachments.

You can customize the information you want to collect, forward people to a success page and store the script on your web server.

Form Processor Pro works with the form design you’ve created for your website. It sends the form data to a CSV file and emails it addresses you’ve indicated. Form Processor Pro is a great option if you need to process order forms, perform calculations on multi-page forms, or save data to your database. It’s available in PHP and Perl versions and costs only $29.95!

Using Online Form Builders to Create and Process Forms

If you’d prefer to use a pre-built form you don’t have to create for your website or template, here are some options. At times, your form is processed through the original website you’re subscribed to, and often requires a monthly subscription.

You can customize the form fields you want to collect and generate the HTML code online. You’ll then need to copy and paste the code into the HTML file where you want the form to appear in the web template.

FormLogix is a multilingual form builder that integrates seamlessly into your website. Its drag-and-drop interface allows you move elements where you want them to appear. It comes with form validation and data export. Rates start at $3.99/month when you sign up for the annual plan.

Form Maker Pro is ideal if you’re uncomfortable creating your own HTML forms for your website or template. You’ll just need to install it once on your web server. From there, you can create your form directly online. It supports simple or complicated forms, multi-page forms with calculations, and order forms. Its user-friendly web interface is easy to use even if you’re a novice. It’s available for only $69.95 and has no monthly fees!

Email Me Form is a form builder that allows you to create your website form online. The free option is limited to 5 forms and 200 submissions per month. To increase this amount to an unlimited number of forms and submissions, sign up for the $9.95/month or $98.95/year option. You can create a variety of online forms to retrieve data for your contact or registration page, surveys, mailing lists, subscriptions, and more.


How about you? Have you tried any quality form scripts or processors for your website? I’ll love to hear your thoughts.

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