Common Web Design Mistakes!

If your website is getting low responses, there’s a strong possibility you’ve made one of these common mistakes designers make while creating a site. With a little help, you’ll be back on the right track.

Eliminate common web design mistakes.Mistake #1: Your content is not specifically related to the subject matter of your website. Your articles or any other content (which includes images, videos, and flash animations) should relate to the niche of your website. Irrelevant content can drive people away.

Mistake #2: Your website is not compatible with the browser your visitors are using. Since everyone does not use your favorite web browser, your website must be compatible with most browsers people use to increase viewership.

Mistake #3: Something is terribly wrong with the color scheme of your website. Your color may be competing with the colors of your logo, text, images and other elements on your page. Light background colors with dark text are easier on the eye, allowing readers to read your content for a longer time.

Mistake #4: Navigation your website is confusing. A well-organized website is easy to navigate, allowing people to find what they need quickly. It’s best to place useful content where users can easily it. If your users are more interested in products, for example, do not place your “About Us” page on the front page. Place your products there instead..

Mistake #5: Your site lacks clear direction. This goes hand-in-hand with Mistake #4. If a buyer is ready to make a purchase, direct them where to go.

Mistake #6: Your site does not relate to your audience. A personal touch is important, especially on the Web, where people don’t know who you are. Include an “About” page that tells your readers more about you. Let people know there’s a real person behind the website who’s ready and willing to help.

Mistake #7: There’s no “Contact” page that gives people a way to reach you in case they have questions.

Mistake #8: Your website is full of typos or grammatical errors. Spell-check your website before placing it on the Web and proofread it for errors. It adds a professional touch and shows people you care. If you’re lacking in this area, pay someone to check your site for your or ask a friend who’s skilled in this area.


Maybe you’ve run into other web design mistakes people make. Feel free to share them below.

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